MG Empower Launches Powerful Mother’s Day Influencer Campaign for the Sustainable Beauty Company BIOSSANCE’s Launch into Brazil

Influencer marketing agency MG Empower has devised an emotionally captivating campaign with the biggest influencers in Brazil and their families for International Mother”s Day on the 13th of May. The powerful campaign aims to spread awareness of the sustainable beauty company BIOSSANCE, their entrance into the Brazilian market and their pioneering approach to beauty through biotechnology.

Involving world renowned Brazilian influencers, the agency”s campaign launched on the 30th of April, kicking the campaign off with an audience of over 5 million was Thassia Naves the leading influencer. Thassia set the standards high, with elegant and charming images that translated the advanced beauty company”s innovative products clean and trusted qualities. Maria Rudge, sister to Lala Rudge and a part of one of the most influential families in Brazil was second, sharing natural images of her and her sons before bed, using the products clearly emphasising her trust in the brand”s formulas.

Running daily until the 9th of May, global Brazilian influencers will post in order of; Nicole Pinheiro, Lelê Saadi, Mariah Bernardes, beauty expert influencer Victoria Ceridono, Luciana Tranchesi, Julia Faria, Lala Rudge and lastly the iconic Camila Coelho.

The influencers will post an array of material ranging from blog posts to emotionally gripping videos of them and their children or their mothers, reflecting on why they consciously choose non-compromising beauty products. As each influencer has grown to understand the importance of clean beauty either through their mothers or through motherhood itself, the campaign authentically expresses the importance of sustainable, natural and non-toxic beauty products that should be shared with other women.

Biossance”s unique heritage of science and sustainability has allowed them to create innovative yet simple products that truly work wonders. Incorporating biotechnology, the impressive beauty company has created 100% natural squalaine oil, derived from plants. Originally harvested from shark”s liver resulting in devastating environmental impacts on the over-fishing of certain shark species. Today Biossance derives the nourishing, skin-loving oil from a renewable sugar cane grown in Brazil, highlighting the emotional connections that the campaign fosters.

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Famous for pioneering the first renewably-sourced 100% plant based squalene, Biossance is a sustainable beauty company that core focus is to create clean and safe beauty products that work with your skin, using 100% natural ingredients along with bio-technology to create innovative formulas that work, whilst making a positive impact on the environment and without the harm of animals.

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