10 Health Trends To Follow Before Your Trip To Australia


Health is one of the most crucial aspects that majority of us tend to ignore these days. The increased stress, erratic lifestyle, pressure at work, and sleeplessness are just some of the reasons that are posing a risk to our health. So, from your skin, hair, heart, or lungs to body fitness, the onus is on us to keep our overall health in check for a healthier future.

I am scheduled to travel to Australia in March for leisure and all of a sudden, I realize how dull my skin looks. Not just that, I also do not feel vivacious enough for the trip. I have to catch up with some of my friends and relatives there for the few days I will be there. So, I had to do something about it.

Before that, I needed the most important thing to get entry in Australia and that was the Australian Visa or the ETA. It’s called the Electronic Authority which is required for foreigners traveling to Australia for business and tourism only (not for career). All I did was to apply it online and it got linked to my passport automatically.

Once, I had this important document in my hand, I knew what I should do next. I took a cue from these latest health trends that beefed up my resolution to be revitalized and rejuvenated before I head over to the beautiful island country, Australia.

Get the anti-inflammatory benefits

Moringa is a latest addition to the list of super foods that’s rather being added as an additive to juices, nutrition bars, protein powders and more. All thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties (similar to turmeric), it’s creating buzz in 2018 already. This super-green has been discovered from the southern equator, by the North American health food brands.

According to nutrionists, it contains twice the protein in spinach and three times as much iron. It’s also proven to have notable quantities of Vitamin A, Calcium, and Potassium. Luckily, it has a pleasant taste with a slightly sweet tasting seeds while there’s a nutty and grassy flavour in the ground leaves.

Get used to Alt-Yogurt

Health conscious people are looking for dairy substitutes these days. This is majorly popular among two kinds of people – (1) those who are lactose-intolerant, (2) and, those who look at it as a niche dairy substitute. It all started with Greek-style yogurt made of almond milk or the cashew-gurt made of cashew milk.

With Starbucks already implementing this healthy alternative, the niche is rising with the next step to nut-milk. What’s even better with the nut milk yogurt is its availability in different flavours and textures that has held many back from trying out this niche till now.

Boost your Brains with Supplements

2018 witnessed this new entrant in the brain supplements category, Nootropics. Although the name may sound a bit weird, but these super supplements have some serious benefits on your brain by cutting down on the brain fog and intensity of stress. These are born in the Silicon Valley and promoted by the bio hackers.

Known for its cognition-enhancing properties, Nootropics is rich in amino acids (l-theanine – stress reducer), and the catalyst named – phenylethylamine known to boost happiness hormones. It also contains Omega 3s, organic honey, and chewable coffee for that supercharged brain.

Home Fitness Studio

Digital fitness inventions are anticipated to make it big in 2018, and so, the emphasis is on the products that have a better hardware, software, mobility, and price. If the product is such that can help you take advantage of it at home and does not require to step outside, why would you not go for such a product?

You can either invest in a high-tech home gym, or enrol yourself in online fitness classes (via mobile apps) that allows you to create your own digital home fitness studio efficiently.

Give Kombucha a Try

This fizzy fermented tea drink is a super drink of 2018 that’s making quite a buzz with its health benefits. While it’s known to improve your gut health with its regular consumption, it also has some (yet unproven) benefits on diabetes, hypertension, cancer, and more.

Whether you savour it for its taste, or for your gut health, this is one super drink you should have in your daily diet regime. I have already packed this for my trip!

Importance of Self-Care

Women are busier than ever and slowly they are realizing the fact that taking some me-time out is no more just a luxury. It’s in fact, essential. It’s no more about just posting those selfies covered in face masks. Self-care is more about a few healthy practices to follow every day, to keep your mind and body rejuvenated.

So, whether you use spa-services, a warm soak in your bathtub, or try meditation it’s upto you to be self-indulgent every once in a while to keep yourself going.

(Makeup)Go Non-Toxic

No-toxic makeup are already popular, especially with their “no-makeup look” range. But, they have now come up with vibrant shades that you could ask for. Bonus, it’s all natural with no toxic ingredients.

According to studies conducted by Future Marketing Insights, the non-toxic pigmented segment is expected to dominate half the cosmetics market. So, if you are getting ready for your trip to Australia (just like me), you can switch to this all-natural stuff and pack some for your trip. Your skin will thank you for this.

So, while I have already imbibed these in my daily health regime already before I head over to the island country with the Australian Visa in place, you must also perk up your health with this super list of must follow health trends in 2018.