What crypto to buy?


The crypto industry is developing at a rapid pace. Numerous new projects emerge every day – NFT, metaverse, and blockchain games are in trend now. Some up-and-coming projects become unicorns, while others fail. Let’s find out what crypto to buy?

First and foremost, we dare call Bitcoin a classical cryptocurrency that has demonstrated stable growth through the years amid stable dollar devaluation. So Bitcoin is the best choice for long-term investment.

Regarding young projects, buying crypto requires thorough analysis and objective assessment. We recommend analyzing the project through the following criteria:

  • Find out about the project’s founders. Are they reputable? What are their background and expertise?
  • What is the essence of the project?
  • What does tokenomics look like? Read the Whitepaper.
  • Check the project’s pages on social media. Is the information renewed regularly? Is there communication with the community?
  • Read reviews on the project.

White Blog

There are many services with information about newly emerging projects on the crypto market, and the Blog WhiteBIT is one of them. It offers valuable information such as:

  • New crypto projects, their description, tokens, rates, etc;
  • New projects that join the WhiteBIT family;
  • Activities for users, participation in staking, etc.;
  • Information in AMA sessions, trading competitions;
  • Crypto news;
  • Guides on how to pass KYC, buy crypto on the WhiteBIT exchange, how to use trading bots, how to trade with leverage, etc.;
  • Educational sector with general information about the crypto market.

The blog helps people know everything about up-and-coming projects and make wise investments, buy crypto coins and receive income. Also, it is advantageous for beginners who don’t know how to buy cryptocurrency, what crypto to buy, how to replenish an account, how to place an order, etc.

The WhiteBIT exchange allows purchasing crypto with fiat currencies. The platform charges an average fee of 0,1% for all transactions, though when buying with a bank card, users should consider a bank fee as well.

The exchange enables the option of a demo account, so valuable for beginner traders. The guide on configuring the demo account is available on the Blog WhiteBIT.